Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Growers Assist the Buyer

PA Co-Operative Potato Growers, Inc. help buyers decide when, where, and how many potatoes to purchase based on market conditions.

Quick Facts About the PCPG

  • Market advice
  • Locate alternative sources
  • Trucking solutions
  • Annual assessment

Potato Buyers

As your potato connection, the Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Growers, Inc. helps buyers as they decide when, where, and the quantity of potatoes to purchase. We monitor market conditions on a continual basis to help you locate alternative sources in the case of inclement weather or delivery breakdown. Although we’re based in Pennsylvania, we have quality growers across the US capable of supplying potatoes throughout the entire year.

These are just a few of the benefits we offer to potato buyers. We can also provide alternatives within your potato purchasing plans to allow you to get the best possible price. In addition, we provide you with reliable delivery.

Each and every year, we study your specific potato markets and help you to develop the ideal purchasing strategies. We invite you to contact us today with any questions that you may have.