Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Growers Corporate Office

PCPG Corporate Headquarters, located on North Front Street in Harrisburg.

Quick Facts About the PCPG

  • Provides access to network of key players.
  • Actively involved in recent trends.
  • Member of national associations & programs.
  • Will assist with marketing.

About the PCPG

Located in Harrisburg, PA, the Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Growers, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving as a vital link between the state’s potato growers and buyers. The group has been directly benefiting members across the state since its inception in 1922. The major objectives of the of the Co-Operative are to:

  • Increase growers’ abilities to market their potatoes.
  • Ensure a high quality potato product reaches the buyer.
  • Reliable Delivery (Trucking).

Through the Co-op, members have access to a widespread network of key buyers and sellers to help them efficiently and effectively market and purchase high-quality potatoes.

To better advise our members, PCPG is actively involved in the latest trends and processes in the world of potatoes. We are active members of the National Potato Council, United States Potato Board, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and the Produce Marketing Association. PCPG also participates in the Penn State University Potato Research Program.

Another essential role PA Co-Operative Potato Growers plays is assisting potato growers and buyers as they market their products.

To learn more, call us today at (717) 232-5300.